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Really Bad Jokes

Page 69


Did you hear about the stupid tree? What a sap! I mean, what a total knothead! Every time it was asked a question, it was stumped.


Did you hear about the industrious tree? He wanted to branch out, but his efforts yielded no fruit. But the non-industrious tree stuck to its roots.


Did you hear about the three trees? One was scared (it was shaking like a leaf), one was enlightened (it turned over a new leaf), and one was a stalker (it just wouldn't leaf).


Did you hear about the loud tree? It had a lot of bark. It gave another tree a splitting headache. So it took some aspen.


What did you hear about the tree who was in love? He pined everyday.


  • What do you call a tree from Tulsa?
  • An oakie.


  • Where do mentally unstable trees go?
  • The insane a-xylem.


  • How did the government know that the tree was a communist spy?
  • He was a redwood. He was arrested for treeson.


  • Did you hear about the incompetent lumberjack?
  • He just couldn't cut it, so he was forest fired.


  • What do you call the study of the purchase of tree parts?
  • Stem sell research.