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Really Bad Jokes

Page 65


  • What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe?
  • Roberto.


Two monkeys stumbled into a wall. They were plastered!


  • What kind of television do horses like?
  • Saddle-lite TV


  • What did the ghost say on December 25th?
  • Scary Christmas!


  • What did the strawberry say on December 25th?
  • Berry Christmas!


  • What did the head trauma patients do when the price of medicine went up?
  • They went on stroke.


  • What kind of math class did the acorn take when it grew up?
  • Gee-I'm-a-tree!


  • What do you get if you cross a cow with a camel?
  • A lumpy milkshake.


  • What did the angry inflatable teacher say to the irresponsible inflatable child in the inflatable school?
  • Not only have you let me down, you've let yourself down, and you've let the whole school down!


  • Why did the little refrigerator salute the big refrigerator?
  • Because he was General Electric.