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Really Bad Jokes

Page 3


  • What did one plate say to the other?
  • Lunch is on me.


  • What does a cat say when he likes something?
  • It's purrrfect.


  • What do outlaws eat with their milk?
  • Crookies.


  • What does a proud computer call his little son?
  • A microchip off the old block.


  • What did the girl say when the Statue of Liberty sneezed?
  • God bless America.


  • Why couldn't the woman buy a bakery shop?
  • She couldn't raise enough dough.


  • Why won't a bike stand up by itself?
  • It's two tired.


  • What is the clumsiest bee?
  • A bumbling bee.


  • How do you make anti-freeze?
  • Take away her blanket.


  • What did the potato ask the cow?
  • Give me some milk, and we can make mashed potatoes.