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Really Bad Jokes

Page 60


  • Why did the sheriff arrest the tree?
  • Because its leaves rustled.


  • What did the kangaroo say when her baby was missing?
  • Help! My pocket's been picked!


  • Why are farmers cruel?
  • They pull corn by the ears.


  • What do you get when you cross a camera with a mirror?
  • A camera that takes pictures of itself.


  • Why did it take three burly Boy Scouts to help the old lady across the street?
  • Because she didn't want to go.


  • What holds the moon up?
  • Moonbeams.


  • What did one angel say to the other?
  • "Halo."


  • What kind of spy hangs out in department stores?
  • A counter spy.


  • What happens if you plug your electric blanket into the toaster?
  • You pop up all night.


  • How is a banana peel on the sidewalk like music?
  • If you don't C sharp, you'll B flat.