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Really Bad Jokes

Page 63


  • How does a pair of pants feel when it is ironed?
  • Depressed.


  • Why was the little shoe unhappy?
  • Because his father was a loafer and his mother was a sneaker.


  • What did one pig say to the other?
  • Let's be pen pals!


  • What do you do with dogs when you go shopping?
  • Leave them in the barking lot.


  • Why can't a bicycle stand up?
  • It is two tired.


  • How do you make a Venetian blind?
  • Stick a finger in his eye.


  • When does a bed grow longer?
  • At night, because two feet are added to it.


  • What kind of pizza do pilots like?
  • Plain.


  • What did the carpet say to the floor?
  • Don't move -- I've got you covered.


  • Why don't matches play baseball?
  • One strike, and they're out.