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Really Bad Jokes

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A man, a lawyer, a redneck, a nun, a blonde, a dog, and a priest walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Is this some kind of a joke?"


Did you hear about the kidnapping down the street? His mother wouldn't wake him until 3.


  • Why did the mother of twins name both of her sons Edward?
  • Because two Eds are better than one.


  • What did one teddy bear say to the other teddy bear when he offered him some dessert?
  • No thanks, I'm stuffed.


  • Why did the computer squeak?
  • Someone stepped on the mouse.


Say, did you hear the one about the three holes in the ground? No? Well, well, well.


  • Can I ask you two questions?
  • Ok, what's the second one?


  • Do you like warts?
  • No.
  • Don't worry. They'll grow on you.


  • What's green and sings?
  • Elvis Parsley.


  • What happened when the teacher fell in the copier?
  • She was beside herself.