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Really Bad Jokes

Page 49


  • Where is tennis mentioned in the Bible?
  • Where Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.


  • What's worse than raining cats and dogs?
  • Hailing taxis.


  • There were 99 people on a boat, and then it turned over. How many were left?
  • 66.


  • What's a three-season bed?
  • A bed without a spring.


  • Where does a zookeeper hang his laundry?
  • On a clothes lion.


  • When the boy broke his knee, where did he go to get a new one?
  • At the butcher shop, where they sell kid-knees.


  • Chief Running Water had two sons. What were their names?
  • Hot and Cold.


  • Why did the astronomer hit himself on the head in the afternoon?
  • He wanted to see stars during the day.


  • Why did the farmer feed his cows money?
  • He wanted rich milk.


  • Why did the farmer use a steam roller?
  • He wanted to grow mashed potatoes.