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Really Bad Jokes

Page 81


  • What is a pig's favorite superhero?
  • The Oinkredible Hulk.


  • Why didn't the pig have to pay for drinks on the cruise?
  • It was all-oink-lusive.


  • What kind of court order would be placed on a pig in order to prevent it from taking a specific course of action?
  • An inj-oink-tion.


  • What happens if a pig parks illegally?
  • It oink-urs a fine.


  • How was the pig defeated in court?
  • Oinkontroverible evidence against it and oinkonsistencies in the defense.


  • When is a pig not quite a pig?
  • When it's oink-ognito.


  • If athletes get athlete's foot, what do astronauts get?
  • Missile toe.


  • What do elephants and plums have in common?
  • Everything, except that one is an elephant and one is a plum.


A man with a cucumber in his ear, a carrot in his nose, and a tomato in his eye walks into the doctor's office. He says, "Doc, I'm not feeling well. What's wrong with me?"

The doctor says, "First of all, you're not eating right...."


  • What did the painter say to the wall?
  • One more crack, and I'll plaster you.