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SOAT update #2
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2001, at 19:45:45
In Reply To: SOAT update #1 posted by gremlinn on Sunday, March 25, 2001, at 22:56:06:

> Here are some statistics so far: 37 locations, 319150 bytes (8625 per location), 8 items/4 enumerated items used in the written code so far (a total of 46 items/8 enumerated items in the plans so far, but that will get larger), and 45 global variables. [3/25/01]

Now it's 54 locations, 438797 bytes (8126 per location). I'm going at about one location per day, which means I *should* be done in about 6-7 months. I think it'll be longer, actually, because I'm coding the game in the order that the story is presented, for the most part. That means that I'll eventually have to go back and add a lot more to locations I already have.

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