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Re: SOAT update
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Monday, December 1, 2003, at 11:41:46
In Reply To: Re: SOAT update posted by mandichaos on Monday, December 1, 2003, at 05:04:27:

> Last week I wrote the game's climactic scene (about 50kB of writing in one day), skipping ahead a bit to do so. There's about 10% of the storyline after that, plus a lot of the stuff I've skipped over that I have to go back and do.
> Hey, take your time. Greatness can't be rushed. ;)

Ah, I wasn't rushing. It's just that text-heavy parts go a lot quicker than puzzle-heavy parts (given equal size). There might be a ton of editing to do eventually.

> Oh, and while it's a couple days late: Happy birthday!
> -Mandi aka Chaos

Thanks. Just one day, actually. (And wow, this thread's getting deeply nested.)

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