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Re: SOAT update (Post # 40,000)
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2001, at 00:42:10
In Reply To: Re: SOAT update (Post # 40,000) posted by Grishny on Tuesday, August 14, 2001, at 09:27:55:

> > Well, gremlinn, I'll congratulate you on that.
> I'll also congratulate you on getting the
> 40,000th post!
> >
> > Silon
> I suspect he didn't even realize he was
> posting the 40,000th post. Or maybe he did,
> and maliciously made it a banal SOAT
> progress post just to spite everyone who had
> been dreaming of making a marvelous
> wonderful 40,000th post over the past few
> weeks as it loomed closer and closer and
> closer...
> Gri"he didn't even say '40,000' in it
> ONCE!"shny

He knew. Me and him were discussing who should have the 40,000th post. I decided I'd far rather have the 2^16th when it comes up. Otherwise it would have been my birthday post.

winter"Who uses base 10 these days, anyway?"mute

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