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Re: SOAT update
Posted By: Gahalyn, on host
Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2005, at 19:38:35
In Reply To: Re: SOAT update posted by gremlinn on Monday, May 2, 2005, at 23:15:43:

> > > which means I could be writing the ending in a few months after that.
> >
> > Oooh! Good luck!
> >
> > -Gahalyn
> Thanks. The writing of the ending won't be the ending of the writing, but it will still be a very important stage.

Of course it is important! It's where loose ends come together and things all make sense, where the player can see his countless hours, his many sleepless nights toiling away in front of the computer screen pay off. As labor comes to fruition, the player rejoices at the --

What? Just because I *personally* have never finished one doesn't mean I can't talk about it. :-p

Ga";-) :-D"halyn

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