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Really Bad Jokes

Page 29


  • What do you get if you drop a piano on an army base?
  • A flat major.


  • Why do businessmen carry umbrellas?
  • Because umbrellas can't walk.


  • Why did the engineer drive the backwards?
  • He had a loco motive.


  • Why do girls like guys who wear shirts with eight buttons?
  • They fascinate.


  • What did the carpenters call their brass quartet?
  • The Tuba Four


  • What's big, red, and eats rocks?
  • A big red rock eater.


  • When is a car not a car?
  • When it turns into a parking lot.


  • Where does Santa stash his money?
  • In a snowbank.


  • What does a computer eat when it's hungry?
  • Chips -- one byte at a time.


  • Why don't seagulls fly in the bay?
  • Because they don't want to be bagels.