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Really Bad Jokes

Page 87


  • What do you call a dead magician's assistant?
  • An abracadaver.


  • How did the hot dog vendor tackle his job?
  • With relish.


  • What were the unauthorized protestors guilty of doing?
  • Marching banned.


A patient said to a psychiatrist, "I keep wanting to cover myself in gold paint."

The psychiatrist said, "Sounds like you have a gilt complex."


  • What do you call the Association of Blood Donors?
  • The IV League.


  • Why couldn't the chicken fly through the window?
  • It was closed.


  • How does a wizard keep his potions safe from burglary?
  • With a warlock.


  • Why did the baker bake more bread?
  • He kneaded the dough.


  • How do spies send secret messages in a forest?
  • By moss code.


  • What makes a chef sadder the skinnier it gets?
  • An onion.