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Tarzan the Magnificent (1960)



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Capitalizing on the artistic and commercial value of producers Weintraub and Hayutin's hit first, Tarzan's Greatest Adventure, a similar plot and tone was reprised for their second attempt, Tarzan the Magnificent. With its gritty plot and tension, it was almost as successful, ranking just below it on the list of best Tarzan films. Regrettably, this was Gordon Scott's last appearance as the Ape Man. (It was also the first sound Tarzan film that did not feature the trademark Tarzan yell, which the producers thought was parodied too often.) Starting with the next film, Tarzan would be played by the villain Coy in this one, Jock Mahoney.

An amusing anecdote concerns the casting for Tarzan the Magnificent. Since the five villains in Tarzan's Greatest Adventure worked out so well, Sy Weintraub wanted recruit them all a second time for this outing. Of the five, only Al Mulock was able to return. Sean Connery's reason for being unavailable was, quote, "Two fellows took an option on me for some spy picture and are exercising it. But I'll be in your next." Of course, the "spy picture" was Dr. No, and Sean Connery never did return to the Tarzan series.

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