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Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)



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Three films after Maureen O'Sullivan departed the series, the producers decided it was time to bring back the character of Jane. Presumably to maintain an air of respectability, they chose Brenda Joyce to play the role, who has charisma, but seems too much of a prim society girl to be at home in the jungle. Nor is she given much to do. The plot is about a tribe of women with a paradise home in a secret location in the mountains. Word leaks out, and a group of researchers launch an expedition to find it, all for the benefit of science. (Exactly how science would be advanced by the discovery of this race is unclear.) There are a few moments of excitement toward the end, but this generally plodding film fails to explore the most interesting things it presents. For instance, how did this reclusive, stranger-unfriendly tribe come to have a highly respected friendship with Tarzan, lord of the jungle? And how was he able to abate the Amazons' anger at the end of the film -- a discourse which occurs off-screen? While Tarzan and the Amazons is not without merit, the above complaints, generic cardboard villains, and a rushed final act make this one of Weissmuller's weakest Tarzan films.

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