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Tarzan the Fearless (1933)



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If it seems like this film leaves a lot hanging, you aren't imagining things. Originally, Tarzan the Fearless was released as a serial. Theaters had an option of showing the first four chapters edited together as a feature film to start the serial. Unfortunately, many theaters screened the feature only and did not follow up with the rest of the serial. To this day, the film is mostly seen as a complete entity, when it is not.

Fortunately, the rarity of the show's last eight chapters do not pose a great problem -- the feature is terrible. It's an act of mercy on the part of fate that the rest of the story is scarce. This was producer Sol Lesser's first Tarzan effort; he would go on to make another travesty, Tarzan's Revenge, before taking over the official series and doing some decent work. Tarzan, played by Buster Crabbe, is made out to be a blithering illiterate oaf, without the knowledge of even a few simple nouns. The plot is moronic, thriving on superficiality, and the individual scenes are just one stupidity after another.

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