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Tarzan and the Mermaids (1948)



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For the first time in several films, this Tarzan entry was filmed on location, and although most of it takes place on the coast rather than in the jungle, it shows. The claustrophobic feeling lent by shooting on sound stages is gone. But that's about all that Tarzan and the Mermaids has to recommend it. The supporting characters this time around are paper thin. The plot has a nondescript villain posing as the god of a hidden coastal people in order to reap the area of its supply of black pearls. He picks out a woman to be his bride (why?), but she flees, encountering Tarzan further inland. The worst part is Benji, a courier who loves to sing. His merry verses aren't bad in and of themselves, but he sings them at such frequency and length, it slows down the story's progress almost to a halt. When all is said and done, well, not very much was said and done. This was Weissmuller's weakest and, sadly, last Tarzan film.

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