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Tarzan's Revenge (1938)



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"I can't see what it is, but it's something." [fires gun] "Guess I was mistaken."

Speaking of mistakes, this competitor to the Weissmuller series of Tarzan movies is a nasty one. Preposterous from beginning to end, Tarzan's Revenge seems like it was scripted by a six year old. Consider the scene where Eleanor gets stuck in mud, for instance. It's as thin as water, maybe four feet deep, and so obviously has a solid bottom -- yet she can't pull herself out of it. A man who had been crawling across a log just ahead of her when she fell apparently didn't hear the huge splash and was not immediately aware that she had fallen in. When he notices, he asks how she managed to get herself in there. Then, instead of hauling her out or passing her a vine or stick, he runs off to get help. This gives a chance for Tarzan to appear and rescue Eleanor with a single effortless motion.

Two characters wandering in the jungle unwittingly walk directly underneath a jungle cat resting on a tree branch mere inches over their heads. A native, holding members of a safari at bay by force, hands one of them his weapon so he can bend down to pick something up allowing him to be whacked over the head with said weapon.

If the above makes you cringe, stay away. The rest of the film is equally absurd.

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