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Good Web Site Award

Welcome to Good Web Site Award! This is a very special award given to a very small, honored collection of web pages on the web that we have deemed useful, entertaining, and aesthetically appealing. Although the award was discontinued in August 1998, resurrected only twice since then to recognize unusually outstanding web pages, we have left links to the Good Web Site Award recipients of the past for you to visit and enjoy.

Awards are awarded at the discretion of Slapdash City. Submissions are not accepted. Award candidates are judged on the basis of how good they are. Winners are encouraged to display our Good Web Site Award Ribbon graphic, located below. Void where prohibited.

Good Web Site Award Ribbon

Good Web Site Award Winners of the Past

January 21, 2006 Elsa - The web isn't creatively dead after all!
July 30, 2003 My Daily Web Journal - After five long years, finally a new web page worthy of our award!
August 5, 1998 My Sofa Change Records
August 4, 1998 The Background Color Archive
August 3, 1998 The "Sanguine" Home Page
August 2, 1998 Sounding Out Fun Names
August 1, 1998 Broken Link List
July 31, 1998 Guess My Number
July 30, 1998 The Scratch 'n Sniff Activity Page
July 29, 1998 My Home Page
July 28, 1998 Words You Can't Write With a Calculator
July 27, 1998 Books That Start With 'R'
July 26, 1998 Feed My Fish
July 25, 1998 Virtual Eyedoctor

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