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My Daily Web Journal, By Snook Draddots

Welcome to my online journal, which I have called My Daily Web Journal. Here you will find all kinds of information about how I am doing. Be sure to check back periodically, because there will be lots of updates!

July 30, 2003

Today I opened my new online journal, which I have called My Daily Web Journal. Why the name, you ask? Because it is a journal located on the web, which is mine, which will be available to load into your browser every day!

So I was thinking, ok, what should I write for this first journal entry, and I thought I'd tell you about how I rearranged the furniture in my dining room and how I went to this outdoor market thing and bought a vase of purple flowers, but the truth of things is that my heart is not in it, because I learned recently that Stewart, who I thought was my best friend, turned out to be a bad backstabbing bad person. He went and told my ex, Beatrice, that, ha ha, good old Snook got fired from his job, good thing you didn't stay with him. I specifically told Stewart I quit of my own free volition, and what's more, I also told him not to tell anybody about it, because I don't want people to worry, so what's he go and do, he goes to tell Beatrice of all people. I hope he doesn't tell anybody else, but it probably doesn't matter, because all Beatrice ever did when we were together was complain about everything that was wrong with me, so I don't know why she'd stop now. I hardly ever see her anymore, but we have mutual friends, so that's that, I suppose.

So why'd I quit? You know, most people that come through the toll booth are nice and everything. I mean, most people say either "thank you" or "have a good day" -- not both, because the traffic's got to keep moving too quickly for there to be time to say both -- but I just got really sick of the people that are all, "Uhhh, grunt grunt, you're just a toll collector, how boring! Hey, uhhh, practically homeless person, where's your monkey!? Oh well, have some change anyway, uhhhh." So finally I got fed up, and when this one guy came through, he was like, "Uhhh," and I said, "Ok, shut up your face, I quit," and he complained to the guy in charge, only not before driving through the toll booth like four more times because he couldn't figure out where you could pull over anywhere near the toll booth (finding the parking places that the toll collectors use when they go to work is something of a trick of the trade), and so my boss was all furious even though I told him, hey, because of me we got four extra tolls out of this guy, but he said, "You're fired," only I said, "I quit!" like half a second sooner, so thank you very much Stewart, I left of my own free will, and maybe I don't get severance because of it, but I've got my pride.

Anyway, I'm looking for a new job, but the truth of it is that there aren't that many toll roads in Minnesota, so I might have to end up commuting into Iowa, and the bitter irony is that I'd have to go through my own ex place of work there, so instead of making a statement about the rights of the common man, I'm pretty much just going to end up giving my former employer money every day instead of taking it every week.

Well, whatever. I hope you enjoyed this first journal entry, and I hope you will check back every day, because I will be writing a new journal entry every stinkin' day, and plus you'll get to reread all the old entries, too, just in case you forgot something.

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