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My Home Page

Welcome to my Home Page! Here you will find interesting things about me, my hobbies and personal interests, my past relationships, my salary and credit card information, and more! Bookmark this page, because you never know when I will add something more about myself!

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Please take a moment to visit my sponsor's site by clicking on the banner at the top of this page. It only takes a second of your time, and it helps me maintain this page for your enjoyment better by encouraging me to develop more quality content. For example, I might be encouraged to add a "what I ate for lunch yesterday" section to this page.

My Vital Statistics

My Hobbies

I have several hobbies, the most noteworthy of which is saying other people's names. You can visit my web page on saying other people's names right here. I also like fishing and hiking and camping, although I rarely get to do any of these things because I use my free time for watching TV. I don't have a lot of free time either, because I have a great aunt who is very sick, and I visit her in the hospital a lot with one of my two sisters. The other one doesn't like to come when I do because we had a fight over her loser boyfriend last year, and we haven't spoken since.

My Relationships

My first one was with Beatrice Burgane, four years ago. She was really nice, but she whined too much. Sarah Bell came a year later. That was a great relationship, but I screwed it up because I didn't take her as seriously as I should have. She moved to Wisconsin, and I haven't heard from her since. I really regret messing that up, and if you're out there, Sarah, I'm really sorry for all the times I complained about my own problems and didn't listen to yours. I hope you'll forgive me, and maybe even give me a second chance. My most recent relationship was with Jenny Rumford, and I hope I never see her again as long as I live.


Here is my bookmark file, containing links that I enjoy. Because I enjoy them, I have included them here for you to enjoy too.

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