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Feed My Fish

Welcome to Feed My Fish! Because I have a very busy schedule, I have devised a system where you, the surfers of the Internet, can feed my fish for me. Every time someone pushes the button below, a machine of my own creation drops a certain amount of food into my fish tank. The machine keeps track of how often web surfers such as yourself trigger the feeding mechanism and adjusts the amount of food it gives accordingly -- so if, one day, a lot of people feed my fish, each button press only causes a small amount of food to be dropped into the tank. On the other hand, if it's a slow day and not many people are pressing the button, each button press will release a larger amount of food into the tank. In this manner, I can have my fish fed without my continual attention. Thank you! Your web surfing sure is a time saver for me!

To Feed My Fish, Press Here:

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