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Words You Can't Write With a Calculator

Welcome to Words You Can't Write With a Calculator! It's reasonably well-known that you can write words with an ordinary seven-segment display calculator by entering certain numbers and turning the calculator upside down. For instance, if you enter "07734" in your calculator and turn it upside down, you will get the eloquent message, "hELLO." However, not all words are possible to write on a calculator. This web page will speed the process of finding words to spell on your calculator, because we have listed some of the words that are not possible. Here's how you use this page. You think of a word that you might want to write on your calculator. Then you look it up on this list. If it's listed, don't bother trying to figure out which permutation of numbers you need to enter to do it, because there isn't any! See how much of a time saver this page is? Of course, if your word is not listed, it doesn't mean it's possible to spell it out on a calculator -- but at least your chances are a little better.

Words You Can't Write With a Calculator

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