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GOA-What next?
Posted By: Banan, on host
Date: Friday, December 19, 2003, at 21:59:28

Been wondering in LLamiglyn all over the place several times and back home. Returned with apples and now I still can't get anyone to talk to me who isn't repeating himself.
Here's my inventory:
26 Bronze Coins
/ Guard's Sword
/ Tinderbox
/ Portrait
9 Red Gemstones
/ Stone of Strengthening
/ Torch
/ Clear Focus Stone
10 Black Gemstones
/ Food Rations
/ Wire Clippers
/ Crate
6 Apples
/ Rope
/ Key of Opening
/ Blanket

BTW, There are shacks in all three towns I've been to and can't find nails anywhere. Thanx for a nudge in the right direction

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