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Re: Murkon's Refuge - Favourite Monster Battles
Posted By: commie_bat, on host
Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2003, at 19:02:57
In Reply To: Murkon's Refuge - Favourite Monster Battles posted by Gypsyblue on Wednesday, October 29, 2003, at 12:46:42:

> What I'm curious to know from those who've finished the game, what were your favourite/least favourite monsters to battle?
> I thoroughly enjoyed thrashing the cannibal cakes *still chuckling over those* and the gelatinous cubes! The least favourite were those bloomin' bats, banshees and Royal Escorts but alas, they just weren't good enough to defeat my party at the end of the day.
I always liked the cubes. At first, I loved that dead cubes were jam-packed with free stuff, but later on I would just glare at the list of monsters on the screen and say, in my best Homer Simpson voice, "you have 30 minutes to move your cube" before slicing them to bits.

By far the most annoying monsters, in my opinion, are the poisoning ones on level 2. I believe there were some bats and some flies. Nothing worse than being poisoned in the dark, with 7 hit points left to get home. By the time I got nice and deep in the dungeon, a tough fight was expected, almost welcomed. The Escorts were frustrating, but I could accept them.


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