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Re: Murkon's Refuge - Favourite Monster Battles
Posted By: essgee, on host
Date: Friday, October 31, 2003, at 08:18:52
In Reply To: Re: Murkon's Refuge - Favourite Monster Battles posted by gremlinn on Friday, October 31, 2003, at 00:44:45:

> > Early on, I'd say the snakes and spheres were my least favorite.

> Wow, I'd say those were my *most* favorite early on (around dungeon level 2). They often come in large groups, and if I remember right they give you more experience more than other monsters on that level. They're great enemies to look for when trying to level up quickly.

Yes, but only if you had the spell power. They were ghastly when I tried a solo thief. Large groups of bats are rather dangerous around level 2.

> I found it quickest to level up on dungeon level 2 even when I could comfortably fight around dungeon levels 6-8. The lower experience per battle is made up by the speed of the easier battles. In fact, I think that in the last game I spent all my time levelling up on dungeon levels 1, 2, and 10. Maybe this is only a good idea in a single-character game, though.

I must have spent much more time in *that room* in level 2 than anywhere else (except level 10). I never tried it for levelling up when I was safe at higher levels, though. If I'm trying some new combination of character types I prefer to spend the time working out what tactics I need against tough monsters.

My favourite battles were around level 7 with my solo wizard. Having to assess each battle for poison-resistance and then deciding each round whether to use offensive or defensive spells or just hit the things was the most challenging set of problems I've found in the game. Deeper than level 7 the monsters became poison-resistant and offensive spells were useless.


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