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Road To Singapore (1940)



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"Paddy cake, paddy cake..."

When Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour teamed up for the first of the still popular Road movies, Lamour was just a little overwhelmed. Hope and Crosby established the rules of the game early on -- adlib whatever wisecracks came to mind. Some were "planned" adlibs, some were spur of the moment, but in any case it took some adjusting for Lamour to cope with the two on the set. Yet she did, and the resulting film displayed a comic chemistry so popular with audiences, the three reunited for six sequels in the following years.

In Road To Singapore, Crosby flees his father and betrothed, who want to rope him into an office chair. He goes to Kaicoon, accompanied by Hope, who's trying to escape an undesirable marriage himself. There, they meet Lamour, and naturally both fall in love with her.

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