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Fairy Tale Stew

Fables For Complicated Times

By Samuel Stoddard

How can Aesop's Fables still be the standard? Fables are supposed to teach life lessons with stories people can relate to. But today, boys aren't shepherds, golden eggs are power-ups in video games, and The Fox and the Grapes is an attractive woman in a grocery store.

The moral of this story is, welcome to Fairy Tale Stew, a collection of fables for modern times.

Table of Contents

The Pencil Eraser

A heartbreaking tale of a young pencil eraser who discovers his purpose in life too late.

The Boastful Piano Pedal

A pair of forlorn piano pedals learn that humility can triumph over self-pity.

The Shoe and the Shoelace

A lonely shoe and a lonely shoelace team up to find happiness together in this heartwarming tale.

The Rooster and the Egg

A befuddled rooster learns to sort out its differences with an egg who would not be denied.

The Insecure Gargoyle

A poor little gargoyle learns to confront his fears in this uplifting tale of self-discovery.

The Thermos and the Thermostat

A thermos and a thermostat learn that in a petty rivalry, everyone loses, and nobody wins.

The Cat and the Mouse

The humblest of creatures proves the catalyst for a woman and her cat learning the virtue of personal responsibility.

The Seven Secretaries

Seven secretaries work together and learn important lessons about self-reliance.

The Kitten Who Got Stuck In the Tree

A life-affirming tale of a cute little kitty's desperate struggle for freedom.

The Ball Bearing and the Glop of Grease

In this bittersweet tale of the meaning of life, a young ball bearing learns an important lesson amidst his grief.

The Very Sad Tooth

A forlorn tooth discovers that a physical curse is a great blessing in disguise in this inspirational rags-to-riches saga of mutual love and acceptance.

The Thingie and the Thingies

This epic anecdote tells the heart-wrenching story of a poor little thingie's quest to discover his identity and purpose.