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RookChat is an open-source HTTP/CGI-based chat room that webmasters may download and install on their web sites. It features dynamic multi-room capabilities, public/private/moderated rooms, multi-lingual support by user, many administrative levels, memos, memo lists (similar to mailing lists), graphical smileys, bot games, and over 75 commands for chatting and administration. RookChat requires a UNIX or Windows NT/2000/XP with Python 2.1 or greater.

Click on any of the packages below to download it from SourceForge:

RookChat v3.0rookchat-3.0.tar.gzUNIX and Windows NT/2000/XP systems with Python 2.1+ Eight new bots, two more language settings, six more commands, thirteen more smileys, and extensive usability enhancements.
RookChat v2.10rookchat-2.10.tar.gzUNIX and Windows NT/2000/XP systems with Python 2.1+ Minor upgrade of RookChat with a new bot game, more language support, some bug fixes, and increased portability to various UNIX platforms.
RookChat v2.01rookchat-2.01.tar.gzUNIX and Windows NT/2000/XP systems with Python 2.1+ Major upgrade of RookChat with lots of new bot games, commands, options, language support, and bug fixes.
RookChat v1.0rookchat-1.0.tar.gzUNIX systems with Python 2.1+ First official release of RookChat.