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RookChat is an open-source HTTP/CGI-based chat room that webmasters may download and install on their web sites. It features dynamic multi-room capabilities, public/private/moderated rooms, multi-lingual support by user, many administrative levels, memos, memo lists (similar to mailing lists), graphical smileys, bot games, and over 75 commands for chatting and administration. RookChat requires a UNIX or Windows NT/2000/XP with Python 2.1 or greater.

Version 4.03

This demo of RookChat is set up with the default look-and-feel and permission settings. If you set up RookChat on your own site, you will be able to make adjustments to these things.

Note: To test out several of the administrative features, normally not available to regular users, try creating your own room. When you create your own room, you become its moderator, and that grants you some administrative privileges.

Important Note: One of the first things you probably want to do after logging in is to go to the Options page and experiment with the two settings for "Update Method." "Streaming" mode works on fewer browsers than "Refreshing" does but, when it works, significantly improves your response time in conversation (and in bot games). "Refreshing," on the other hand, works on more browsers and is usually more responsive at displaying your own text.

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