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Re: what order should I play the games?
Posted By: scottipimpin, on host
Date: Saturday, December 11, 2004, at 16:09:17
In Reply To: what order should I play the games? posted by ribwich on Saturday, December 11, 2004, at 15:25:39:

> So far, all I've done is the trainer. Should I play the games in increasing order of difficulty, or does it actually matter if I play them in the order it shows?

It doesn't matter which order you play them in, but I recommend you save Outlaws, TOA, and POA for last. I think you should play Brackley Hall first, as it makes the other games a little easier. You won't catch a lot of the humor in FQ2 if you play FQ2 before finishing FQ1.

Otherwise, go any order you'd like. I beat GOA before I started FQ, and it made FQ a snap.

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