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Re: sandstone caves (I give away details sometimes)
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 15:58:16
In Reply To: sandstone caves (I give away details sometimes) posted by Oceanangel on Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 10:39:51:

> OK here I am writing again by the time I am through asking question and figuring out answers by the time I get a reply I will have a walkthrough on here as I share my experience post by post anyways
> I keep hearing about 3D maps and rooms blah blah blah I dont visualize in 3D and I cant draw worth a crap so with that in mind my first question is WHAT ROOMS I dont see any rooms I just walk around in circles it seems and I set that guy free from the boulder and I turned that plate thing to west of the yellow area so what else am I suppose to do is there anything else in these caves or am I just suppose to find some cart that leads me to this womans passcard I am suppose to get and if so how do I get there in step by step order dont tell me to draw no map I have figured most of this out on my own except that circuit thing I had a cheat on that but everything else I got through hints here and there and just my own investigating but this is getting old Dont talk in hints or codes to me on this one if you dont want to post it I will leave my email this time just get me through these stupid caves.
> Thanks

Trust me, you can make a map of this if you tried. It doesn't have to be a map in 3-D, it doesn't have to be to scale, and the rooms (in adventure games like this, "rooms" often just mean locations you can stop at, even if they're not indoors) don't even have to be in the correct relative position. All that a map has to be is correct when it comes to showing which rooms can be reached from which other rooms by which directions.

For the sandstone caverns, you can tell which room you're in by what color the sandstone is and by which directions you can move in. Each level is a square of 2x2 rooms. You can be at the northwest, northeast, southwest, or southeast of the square. Just by looking at what directions you can move in, you can tell what corner you're at. For example, if you can move north and west from your current spot, you must be in the southeast corner. Since there are four colors of sandstone and just four spots on each level, the maze is fairly small with just 16 rooms.

For mapping it, you *could* make a 3D diagram of it -- it does actually make sense, physically, but the thing is that you don't need to. When you first enter the caverns, you're at the white level, in the northwest corner (because you can move east, southeast, or south from there). Start out on a blank sheet of paper in the middle, and draw a rectangle to represent that room, and put something like "White, NW" in it to signify where in the maze it's in. Then you have three directions you can move in, so make three tick marks on the edge of the rectangle, writing "E" next to one, "SE" next to another, and "S" next to the last. Those represent the directions of travel from your first spot. (You might also draw a fourth tick mark and make it look a little different. It's to the west, and it's an exit from the caverns -- the way you came in from.)

Then you can pick one direction to travel in. Let's say you move east. Then you reach a new location. Checking the description, you'll see it's still the white level, but now you can move south or west (or jump down). So you're in a northeast room now. This maze isn't evil like for some other games. I'll guarantee that if you move east from somewhere, west will take you back to where you just were. So you can label your new map room with a rectangle with "White, NE" in it. This room has three tick marks as well, because there are three exits. Make one with "W" next to it, one with "S", and one with "D" for down. Then you can draw a line connecting the tick mark "E" of "White, NW" and "W" of "White, NE". There you have your first two map locations and the line connecting them. You can keep exploring new directions of travel from places you've been, adding new rectangles and tick marks, and connecting rectangles when possible.

The key thing to note is that it doesn't even matter *where* on the paper you draw the rectangles. It just matters that you mark all the exits, uniquely label each room, and connect all the rectangles properly. Then as long as you've explored all the paths denoted by the tick marks, you know you've gone everywhere. One other thing is that when you jump down, it's one-way only, so in this case you might want to draw an arrow on the connecting line somewhere to indicate that you can't get back up.

It'll take a few minutes, maybe five, and then you'll have a complete map. Make sure you search around at each location (so you don't forget to do it later).

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