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sandstone caves (I give away details sometimes)
Posted By: Oceanangel, on host
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2004, at 10:39:51

OK here I am writing again by the time I am through asking question and figuring out answers by the time I get a reply I will have a walkthrough on here as I share my experience post by post anyways
I keep hearing about 3D maps and rooms blah blah blah I dont visualize in 3D and I cant draw worth a crap so with that in mind my first question is WHAT ROOMS I dont see any rooms I just walk around in circles it seems and I set that guy free from the boulder and I turned that plate thing to west of the yellow area so what else am I suppose to do is there anything else in these caves or am I just suppose to find some cart that leads me to this womans passcard I am suppose to get and if so how do I get there in step by step order dont tell me to draw no map I have figured most of this out on my own except that circuit thing I had a cheat on that but everything else I got through hints here and there and just my own investigating but this is getting old Dont talk in hints or codes to me on this one if you dont want to post it I will leave my email this time just get me through these stupid caves.

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