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Re: tax time
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2004, at 12:39:28
In Reply To: tax time posted by Howard on Monday, February 2, 2004, at 12:48:04:

> They should put a tax on poverty. That would put the government in the black in a hurry.

Depends on how you define poverty, of course. There's a lot of severe poverty elsewhere in the world, but (with exceptions) the poor of today live as well as the kings of yesterday. Some live better than the middle class. Anyone who's ever worked in a grocery store or convenience store has stories of people purchasing food with food stamps, while wearing some pretty expensive clothes and driving some pretty expensive cars. Not that all the "poor" have it this well, of course, but even most legitimately poor folks in the U.S. still have a higher standard of living than *anybody* did not very long ago in human history.

> Come to think of it, Tennessee just put a tax on poverty. They call it a lottery.

Pretty sure that's just a tax for people who can't do math. Poverty can be the result of being extraordinarily eligible for it.

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