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Re: tax time
Posted By: Rivikah, on host
Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2004, at 15:47:14
In Reply To: Re: tax time posted by Howard on Tuesday, February 3, 2004, at 16:53:56:

> Right. I've noticed that in this country, a lot of "poor" people are fat.
Have you ever noticed how most of the foods suggested for eating well are more expensive than the foods it is recommended to avoid?

Let's go grocery shopping.

What's cheap and filling? Potatoes, bread, pasta. Full of complex carbohydrates. Not what you want if you're trying to lose weight.

Quick, let's think beverages. I know Dairy Farmers who won't drink milk because soft drinks are cheaper. We're talking milk right out of the tank here, worth considerably less than what you pay in the store.

And juice. Which one's better for you, real orange juice (either from concentrate or not) or the sugar crystals kind? Which one's cheaper? The sugar crystals of course.

Meat? Regular ground beef is cheaper than lean. Skin on chicken is cheaper than skinless. (and if you're pinching your pennies you won't throw the skin away either.)

Fruits and Vegetables? These might be cut altogether if your budget is tight enough.

And what about exercise? Joining a gym is certainly out. A recreational sports team? That's an expensive frill too. Equiptment and registration cost money. Going out for a run? Maybe, but you're probably not living in a very good neighbourhood. Where are you going to run?

Sitting home and watching TV? Now that's something you can do.


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