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Re: River Race
Posted By: Beegers, on host
Date: Sunday, November 30, 2003, at 21:41:13
In Reply To: Re: River Race posted by lindalloo on Sunday, November 30, 2003, at 18:53:25:

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> > > > Sorry to start a new one, but noticed the other was a tad too long to be shown entirely. Got all the way to racing with the baddies and can't beat them no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions or hints on how to do this would sure be appreciated as I've tried every route I could think of and even tried a couple intercepts. Zip, zilch, nadda! Please help.
> > >
> > > you can't beat them that way. remember a certain troll guarding a bridge? go back via the dark caves other wise they will beat you.
> >
> > Tried all day long to win this stupid race without a bit of success. About ready to forget the whole thing. Two Questions: Can I win it or is this just 'the end' and a big ha ha ha? Second, when I get thru the cavern, either way, I end up in the same place. I think it is there I get messed up. Should I be using the platform and going over the Volcano? This thing's giving me migraines. Please help!
> you need to use the platforms, track the shortest possible course .....the least that you end up approaching the bridge from the south. it is "doable" !!

20 times or more and I still can't get ahead of those two baddies. Two questions, do I use that 'goo' again on my way back? and do I get to check out the various paths up and down the volcano? I'm quick enough thru the cavern and on the home stretch. I think I'm screwing up in the middle. Please help!! I'm getting ready to let them get away clean. :^(

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