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Re: found it : RUSTY KEY
Posted By: coco, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2003, at 15:47:54
In Reply To: RUSTY KEY posted by COCO on Wednesday, November 26, 2003, at 14:45:14:

> I've been reading the posts but havent found nothing much helpful at this very moment. I can not locate the 10th coin. If I can remember correctly where I found the coins I believe I found:
> 1 by soothsayer
> 1 by pixies
> 1 by way of gambling
> 1 in the tower of color
> 1 by the fortress(not to sure)
> 1 by the house I damaged
> can't remember the other 3
> and I'm not sure that this is correct but, do I get the rusty key from the soothsayer?
> Please if any one could asist I'd appreciate it.
> Here is a list of my Inventory:
> 10 Onions
> Crown of Destiny
> Bottle Opener
> Iron Support
> Wooden Plank
> Sack
> Float Ring
> Cross
> Red Potion
> Sunstone
> Small Silver Coin
> Sap Tap
> Coconut
> Green Potion
> Silver Key
> Bucket of Sap
> Pliers
> Sword
I answered my own question. Thanks coco!!!

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