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Re: why? (AGL and other RinkWorks games)
Posted By: Lucky Wizard, on host
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 17:30:48
In Reply To: why? posted by 000 on Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 11:50:43:

> why hasn't there been a new game for, like, a year? i need new games! i wonder.... why hasn't there BEEN a new game? did he die?

6. Have the same patience other Rinkies have had for ages. For nearly two years, the only AGL game was Fantasy Quest. To my knowledge, no one complained, even after the anticipated GOAT took over two years to complete.

7. Games, in general, are huge projects. You have to work to get it just right, and the playtesting can take forever.

8. gremlinn, who developed POAT and Trails of Anguish, is hard at work on a sequel to his games: SOAT. If you check the Recent Messages, you'll find a running thread on the subject. I've linked to a post in which he estimates a release date.

9. Although I don't know an estimated completion date, elsewhere in the linked thread, Monkeyman mentions that he's working on a game. From the linked post, you just have to go up several levels in the thread to see Monkeyman's posts.

10. Although I don't know whether he's still working on it, Faux_Pas was working on a game -- Night of the Blood Red Sky -- a few months ago.

11. Sam mentioned in the most recent site journal entry that a followup to MR is in the works. He mentioned in an older, but easily accessible, entry that he *might* put up an Enchanted Forest III in the future.

12. Sam is in RinkChat as I type this. (He's idling, but he's there). gremlinn was there just minutes ago. Brunnen-G, who developed Brackly Hall, was in chat less than two weeks ago, and posted to the message forum half a week ago (not in this hints board, but in the regular discussion board that's also on this site and, on the main forum page, is mentioned next to the hints board). Monkeyman was on earlier this afternoon. Faux_Pas was on a few hours ago, and posted in the board around that time. There's a command in chat called /last which gets you this information.

Lucky "Given how recently they've been here, it's probably safe to assume they're not dead" Wizard

Link: gremlinn's post

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