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Posted By: RiftTraveler, on host
Date: Thursday, November 29, 2001, at 13:01:21

1. According to Gobhamor, I'm sposed to hurt my leg somewhere down in the mines. I';ve been everywhere I can go, and done everything I could do, but I haven't managed to hut my leg. I've been all the way down to the bottom of the sandstone mines, thoroughly mapped everything out, and checked EVERY SINGLE SCREEN for ore with my pickaxe. I've found six pero shards, and 4 nano shards. I've bridged the river, and I have no idea how it is I'm supposed to accomplish my leg crackin lifestyle. Someone help please?

> 2. There's a Tachyone SomethingOrOther that I don't have. Where's that?

> These days you can get instructions to build almost anything online, can't you?

With the four passcards I have, I've searched every message that I have, every option on everyone's screen, and I haven't gotten any instructions. Can someone give me a clearer hint?

> > > 6. If it is possible to get a spiffy cola, how do I do it?

> Sorry - I'm not being vague out of badness. I can't remember precisely where things were found. What I can say is that you need to find a particular key whose description is similar to that of the lock it fits.

If you're talking about the dragn key, and the dragon lock, that's not it. If you're talking about the Pero key, and the storage room lock, that's not it either. If it's the small key and the coke machine, I've kicked the can into the dispensing bin, but can't gert to it from there. Any help?


Rift "One I'm done with Perils, I'll be done with all o them, an dI can't get anything else done! Waaaaaahhh!!!!" Traveler

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