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Re: Perils Conduits help please
Posted By: Shandar, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 22:18:19
In Reply To: Re: Perils Conduits help please posted by lisa on Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 16:29:47:

It is much simpler than most people are making it. Imagine a cylinder. One side is the east, one is the west. There are six right angle connections on both the east and west sides of the cylinder. Between the connections are conduits(cables, wires, string, whatever)that travel around the front and back sides(front and back can be used interchangably with outer and inner meridian)of the cylinder, making a circle which passes through two connections at a time. Also, there are conduits which travel north and south(up and down)between connections. You must now arrange these right angle connections to form a complete circuit(unbroken connection)from top to bottom of the cylinder. There are two broken conduits you must bypass, which means that you cannot position either sides of the right angle connection to point towards those conduits. Also, if your flow of energy(or circuit)passes across the front of the cylinder, it must pass across the back of the cylinder the next time it moves from east to west. If I cut The cylinder down the center of the back side and layed it out flat, it might look something like this:
The lines are basically where the conduits would be, anwhere a right angle occurs is where the connecter would be which you can rotate. From there you just have to locate the broken conduits and decide which directions the connections must be facing to complete the circuit. Always remember that any two adjacent connections(east to west)must have a connection across either the inner or the outer meridian. So, basically if one on the east is pointed toward the inner, the one on the west must also be pointed toward the inner. That is as clear as I think I can make it without coming to your house with a doughnut and a magic marker.


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