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Re: Perils Conduits help please
Posted By: lisa, on host
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 16:29:47
In Reply To: Re: Perils Conduits help please posted by ldhbdsi on Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 13:38:06:

thanks i just ust be dense then because i don't know if you change every conduit and there are just some that say south the link is south then you can't change ones that are facing not and it just makes my head spin which ones to turn and not to heck i'm just so confused if you could just ut a digram up with numbers on the top and bottom how they should look that would help ya don't have to give me the numbers you used just write them out like 1 e and where that would connect to on the south like am i susposed to draw links to 1 west or what and the broken ones one. god why do they have to make this puzz so confusing

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