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New Rules
Posted By: Stephen 2.0, on host
Date: Friday, February 4, 2000, at 00:07:28

Seeing as I have finally rid myself of that pesky Stephen 1.82 (the one you all knew), I have taken his place as Supreme Dictator and Ruler of Life of the RinkForum. Accordingly, I have created a new set of rules:

1) You are all to send me e-mail once a day praising my greatness. You may send them to for I have taken Stephen's e-mail address as well.

2) There will be no more Trouble Makers list. Everyone who was on it is in the clear. But be warned: any who anger me shall FEEL MY WRATH!!!

3) Any attractive, young and single female cyborgs are to report to me immediately for... undisclosed purposes.

4) From now on, no one shall say anything bad about "The Matrix". It is clearly the greatest film of all time. Any who say otherwise shall FEEL MY WRATH!!!

5) I have an open door policy. Feel free to contact me with any concerns, comments or questions you may have. Be forewarned though, any who say something I don't like shall FEEL MY WRATH!!!

That is all. Have a nice day, citizen.

Stephen "In power and loving it" 2.0

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