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Sinbad Comic: Episode 16: Alina's True Love, Part 1
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Monday, June 22, 2009, at 10:47:15

Plunging into this project, I really had no innate sense of how much story I could tell in a single strip. When I made the first one, I basically just dove in and started the story. When I got to about how many panels I wanted to have, I found a punchline to end it on. Since then I've mostly figured out how much I can do in a single strip, but not always. Thank goodness I am not restricted to a fixed length.

Still, though, I run into situations where I think I'm building up to something, realize I'm running long, and have to end it half way and finish it in a new strip. They're not always the ones I've labeled "Part 1" and "Part 2," but this is one such example. When I started today's strip, I was building up to the punchline in the next one. Sometimes I do a better job finding a joke to split on, and sometimes not. I'd have said this time I didn't do so well, but I see Monkeyman's comment, and who am I to argue?

Link: Sinbad Comic: Episode 16: Alina's True Love, Part 1