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Sinbad Comic: Episode 5: The Seeds of Intrigue
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009, at 10:48:35

I gave a sneak preview of this particular strip during Ultimate Bot Tournament #6. The full transcript is available in the tournament archives, but here's an excerpt with the reaction to the strip. Jaffar, of course, was really me.

Revan: LOL LOL
Revan: Beware the nipple shield.
Randy: LOL LOL
ThePhan: LOL LOL
ThePhan: I like!
Crystal109: LOL LOL LOL
Bryn: That is great.
Lirelyn: LOL.... awesome.
Crystal109: Oh man, that is great.
jaime: awesome
Bryn: Why can I never find that movie anywhere?
Crystal109: Hmm. I need to find the movie, too, before everyone ostracizes me.
Jaffar: I...was...AWESOME in that. Wasn't I awesome? I feel like I really got into my character, namely myself, in that scene. I EXUDE ULTIMATE EVIL POWER OF ULTIMATE EVIL.
MissyCat: Jaffar is AWESOME!
* 10Kan can honestly say that no one was worse than Jaffar.
10Kan: You are truly the baddest of the all bad guys.
* Goosey always loses things behind her OOF balloons.
Goosey: ... That came out weird. . .
Randy: Goosey: LOL!
Sam: Goosey: Er, yeah, it sure did.
* Randy dies
ThePhan: LOL LOL
Goosey: *blush*
ThePhan: Oh my, Goosey!
* Goosey dies.
* 10Kan reads the comic after everyone else and lets out a late LOL.
Sam: hehehe
Sam: LaZ: hahaha. I knew you'd appreciate that one. You're all about oof balloons.
LaZorra: Sam: I am indeed all about OOF balloons.
LaZorra: I like the "Here it is, your majesty," bit.

Link: Sinbad Comic: Episode 5: The Seeds of Intrigue