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Re: Holiday/Oscar Movies 2006
Posted By: Dave, on host
Date: Thursday, October 5, 2006, at 12:37:04
In Reply To: Holiday/Oscar Movies 2006 posted by Sam on Wednesday, October 4, 2006, at 22:12:49:

> October 27 - Saw III
> Just quit making these already.

Wow. I wasn't aware there was a Saw II. In fact, I wasn't aware the original Saw made enough money to even tempt Hollywood to make a Saw II. Just... Wow.

> November 17 - Casino Royale
> I'm so excited about this.


> November 22 - The Hoax
> Lasse Hallstrom is the king of undeserved Oscar
>attention, after The Cider House Rules and
>Chocolat. Interestingly, I thought the one he
>made after those, The Shipping News, was his best
>film. Anyway, this one stars Richard Gere and is
>about a "bogus biography of Howard Hughes" and
>the surrounding media frenzy.

Actually, my understanding (perhaps wrong) is that it's actually based on the true story of the guy who almost got away with publishing the bogus AUTObiography of Howard Hughes. See, this was when Hughes was completely shut off from the world and didn't ever talk to the media, and this dude thought he had the perfect scam: Write Howard Hughes' autobiography, and claim (obviously) that Hughes himself wrote it and he's just the middleman for getting it to the publishers. And the crazy thing is, it almost worked. He got a publisher to bite, and it wasn't until Hughes himself got wind of his "autobiography" being published and actually broke his media silence to release a short statement disowning it that he got busted.

> December 15 - Eragon
> It's starting! The success of Lord of the Rings
>and Harry Potter, subsequently boosted by The
>Chronicles of Narnia, means we're going to start
>seeing more high budget fantasy franchises. This
>one is based on Christopher Paolini's novels, and
>it's being advertised as "The First Chapter In
>the Inheritance Trilogy."

I'm down with that whole thing. I see these books all the time in the bookstore. Anybody here actually read them?

> December 29 - Children of Men
> Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine. You
>could stop right there, and I'd buy a ticket.
>This movie is about a future where people can no
>longer procreate. Nobody under a certain age
>exists in the world, and the human race is
>ending. But then, somehow, one woman conceives.
>But it's not that easy. The trailer suggests
>this is a pretty tense thriller. It's directed
>by Alfonso Cuaron, who did the best of the Harry
>Potter films, but usually (as here) works with
>darker material.

I read a book with almost exactly this plot once. I think it was called "Greybeard". It was kind of dull, and a bit confusing. I suspect if this is even loosly based on that, they'll need to jazz it up a bit for it to work.

-- Dave

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