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The White Pony (1999)



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I'm not sure if this is a poor man's Danny or a rich man's The Legend of the White Horse. In an odd sort of way, it's a sort of combination of those two movies. It's about a girl who dreams of owning a pony, training it, and showing it. It's also about some goings-on in the fantasy world behind the scenes: the White Pony (really a horse) is actually a fairy creature trapped in a horse's body.

The horse show part works to a point. But Danny works better anyway: the characters are much more real, and the details about showing horses are depicted more fully and accurately.

The fantasy part does not work at all. Warwick Davis plays a leprechaun in need of the girl's help; he also provides comic relief to the children in the audience by falling down a lot. I couldn't help but smile at his slapstick now and then, in spite of myself, but most of the gags are tired, and his role is far too bloated and throws the balance of the movie off.

While The White Pony isn't irredeemably bad, there are certainly a lot of bad things about it. I wouldn't recommend this except to very young horse lovers.