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Danny (1977)



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On the surface, this charming family drama about a little girl who has a great love and faith in a horse when others don't, appears to be no more than that. But the beauty is in the details. Careful attention was paid to the details in this movie, and it's obvious the makers have a good understanding of the horse world, for not only are the facts straight but the spirit rings true as well.

As far as the characters go, I was a bit concerned at first that they would be comprised of tiresome stereotypes. The snotty brat girl, more in love with the glamor that comes with showing horses than with horses themselves, didn't bother me, because the horse world is full of them. Her father, an "if you're not a winner you're a loser" type, worried me at first, but as the film progressed, he showed another kinder dimension to his character -- and his conqueror attitudes even became quite funny. ("It's ridiculous to enter shows and not win.") I loved his sidelong glance at another character who referred to his stables and outdoor ring and so forth as "a nice little set-up."

To sum up, Danny is a delightful little overlooked family film with its heart in the right place. Horse lovers, among others, should enjoy it.