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The Road Warrior (1981)

(aka: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior)



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It's weird. The Road Warrior is a pretty good movie.

Mad Max is a cult favorite of sorts, perhaps because of its attitude. I was unimpressed, finding it to be a well-crafted set piece exploited for shock value. The Road Warrior, while retaining that same macabre atmosphere, actually tells a story with creativity and tension.

I'm still unimpressed with the world of this series. I find it unlikely that the destruction of civilization would turn the last remnant of humanity into punks with gaudily stylized clothing. I also find it unlikely that gasoline -- not water -- would be the rarest and most valuable substance in a desert where everyone seemingly spends all their free time speeding around on motorcycles and trucks.

But once I accepted the world and its rules on their own terms, the story engaged me, and from there I was at last able to appreciate the indelible atmosphere of director George Miller's horrific vision.

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