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The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)



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"Wo-man! Wo-man! Wo-man! Wo-man!"

This is the last of the traditional Muppet movies made before Jim Henson passed away. Later on, his son, Brian Henson, would direct Muppet versions of famous works of literature, but this film, The Muppets Take Manhattan again shows the Muppets as themselves, interacting with people who logically know they're different but who treat them with no more or less notice than if they were just another group of human beings. This is the weakest of the first three Muppet movies, lacking the moments of unbridled hilarity a few choice lines of dialogue from the prior films could trigger. Not to say there's nothing here to enjoy, however -- besides the usual parade of cameos, there's a snappy opening number and a dazzling closing number that must have been a logistical nightmare to choreograph.

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